Standing Strong

Earlier this month thousands of women and some phenomenal men marched in their belief that women’s rights are human rights. They advocated for the protection of women rights, safety, health, and families.

When people unite in movements such as this, it empowers everyone to stand strong in their rights to receive equality, acknowledgement, respect and dignity in all areas of life.

Standing strong in who you are, and what you believe in is not always popular, or comfortable. In this post a young lady shares what standing strong is to her, in hopes to inspire others to be true to themselves.

My name is Alexis Rodriguez. I am a 24 year old Mexican American and work as a secretary in the John Peter Smith Emergency Room Department. I am working towards an associates degree so I can apply for Tarrant County College’s nursing program.

I am single; it’s been about a year since my last serious relationship. We had been together for about two years and honestly at that point the idea of marriage and having kids came so easy to me. My mom was 18 years old when she had me. I truly believe that her having me so young had an impact on how close we would become throughout the years.

I have seven younger sisters who I am so deeply proud of. My youngest sisters make comments to me about marriage and children. For instance, “Yeah maybe you’ll get married Alexis and have kids soon!” I would like to express that there is so much more to life than just settling down. There’s traveling, obtaining an education, getting to know yourself, as well as getting to know others.

I’m slowly starting to realize that there are so many people out there going through so many different things who have different perspectives throughout their own journey. That is something that I've come to learn, you should never be afraid to be out there, and everyone you come across just might be there to teach you something.

I have a couple of goals I would like to achieve; one is to inspire others with my writing somehow. I know I have a long way to go, but I truly hope I can learn how to strengthen my weaknesses in that area. I also would love to learn about the different types of writing techniques and genres.

Another goal I have for myself, is just to truly live up to my fullest potential. I’ve always carried this feeling that I’m meant for something special, something more. And as of now, I have yet to figure that out, but I know I can’t shake this feeling away, whatever it is, I’ve finally decided just to go after it fearlessly and boldly.

One small goal that I would like to achieve is to be educated when it comes to my finances. I would like to be able to purchase my own home, if I ever desire to. I feel like there’s so much more out there in this world to learn and be knowledgeable about. Right now, I’m really trying to learn how to use my time wisely and soak up the beauty of knowledge as much as possible.

It’s easy for me to get along with other people. I love getting to know people and I rarely shy away from getting out of my comfort zone. I truly hope to inspire everyone and anyone as much as possible; you just never know who may need a little boost or a sign to simply not give up on themselves. If I can help in anyway then that would mean so much to me.

Most importantly, I hope to inspire my siblings. There’s greatness within each one of them. Though our stories and journeys may all look different, whatever they aspire to be, whatever dreams they wish to achieve, they are all possible. I hope that when obstacles arise, they can find the strength, advice, and perseverance throughout the hardships I may have faced, or any achievements I may have reached to reach their own goals. If I can be any sort of positive influence for them in order to achieve their goals, I would count myself as successful.

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