Podcast Recording: Expectations vs. Reality

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

The process of creating a podcast has been fun, exciting, nerve wrecking, emotional, and satisfying. Sometimes all at once! I started recording my first podcast episode back in September and was quite optimistic it would be a piece of cake. Now that I have finished season 1, I want to share my experience in podcast recording.


Once I made the decision to launch a podcast, it was a no brainer that I could actually pull it off. I did a lot of research of others who had launched a successful podcast and took their advice to begin my first season with an introduction of myself. Easy peezy, cause who doesn’t love talking about themself right? I had a vision of sharing my life experience that would organically evolve into my passion for developing my brand and a broader community.


My first season consist of four episodes and an intro, each about 5-10 minutes long. Each of those episodes were recorded and edited anywhere between 5-10 times. Starting off scripted, safe and “politically correct”, but wasn’t the “me” I wanted to share. It transitioned to lots of rambling, jumping on and off topics, unscripted, and unrehearsed. My poor husband and producer listened to them all with lots of head scratches and flat out “what the heck are you talking about” feedback.

I had to be intentional about my content outline, and find the right words to say. That consisted of tears, and sometimes finishing a recording feeling like I just walked out of a day long therapy session.

Telling your story is a lot like peeling off all the scabs you have managed to heal. You realize how many of them you have truly come to terms with, and which ones were still raw.

After that process, I took my husband’s advice and got some help with finessing my message and brought in an assistant editor that understood my brand to record with me. It got easier over time, and by the end of season 01, I was rocking and rolling ready moving on to interviews. I have to say, if I had to do it all over again I would do so in a heartbeat. This has required me to do something scared, and uncomfortable so I could grow.

With that said, I hope my message resonates with you and shares a glimpse into my podcast journey. Do you have a similar story or experience that you would like to share? Comment below

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